KC Hornsby Portrait - Photographer
Photo Credit: John Quin

About the Artist

KC Hornsby is a visual artist who uses photography as a medium of fine art and documentary. Self-educated in art history his influences come from both painters and early masters of photography. He admires the impressionist, minimalism and abstract painters. Overall Hornsby’s art is distinct, it represents a diverse range of subject matter, technique and passion.

Born and raised in Toronto’s west end, Hornsby is the second oldest of 7 children. An awareness of art came early in life by way of his young mother, an aspiring oil painter. But over time it was photography that came to be his primary pursuit. From hobbyist to camera manufacturer trained service provider to photographer, his abilities grew. Moving forward, Hornsby established in Toronto’s photographic retail neighbourhood, a business providing technical support to key industry players. Eventually shuttering the business, he relocated to Guelph, a university town 100km outside of Toronto, where he currently lives and maintains his artistic practice.